Unleashing the Potential of Online Courses: A Guide to Launching and Profiting on CourseHive

In today’s digital age, online courses have emerged as powerful tools for learning and skill development. The convenience of accessing educational content from anywhere, coupled with the flexibility of self-paced learning, has fueled the growth of online learning platforms. If you’re considering tapping into this dynamic realm and making your mark as an online instructor, CourseHive is your gateway to success.


Online courses have transcended traditional education, providing a lucrative avenue for experts and educators to share their knowledge with a global audience. The e-learning market is booming, offering immense opportunities for those who can create engaging and valuable content.

Why Online Courses?

  • Global Reach: Reach learners worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries.
  • Flexible Learning: Cater to diverse learning styles with self-paced courses.
  • Monetization: Turn your expertise into a revenue stream through course sales.

Joining CourseHive

Begin your journey by joining CourseHive. The platform welcomes experts from various fields, offering a user-friendly interface for instructors to create and sell their courses.

Step 1: Registration

  1. Got to Registration Page
  2. Fill in the required information, including your name, email, and password.
  3. Read and agree to the Terms of Service.
  4. Click “Become an Instructor” to create your CourseHive account.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered on CourseHive. Next, we’ll guide you through completing your profile.

Your Friend at CourseHive

Step 2: Setting Up Your Profile

Enhance your visibility and credibility by completing your profile. Add a compelling profile picture, cover photo, and relevant social links. This step is crucial in establishing a strong online presence.

Complete Your Profile

Step 1: Accessing Your Dashboard

  1. Log in to CourseHive using your registered email and password.
  2. Upon logging in, you’ll land on your Instructor Dashboard.

Step 2: Profile Image and Cover

  1. Navigate to the “Complete your profile” section at the top.
  2. Click on “Edit Profile.”
  3. Upload a professional profile image that represents you.
  4. Add a cover photo to personalize your profile.

Step 3: Withdrawal Method

  1. In the same “Complete your profile” section, click on “Withdrawal Settings.”
  2. Choose your preferred withdrawal method:
    • For local instructors, Bank Transfer ( Use your preferred local banking app such as BANKILY, MASRVI OR SEDAD).
    • For international instructors, select PayPal.
  1. Still in the “Complete your profile” section, click on “Social Links.”
  2. Add links to your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

Step 5: Update Profile

  • After entering each detail, click “Update Profile” to save your changes.

Great job! Your profile is now complete. Once your instructor application is accepted, you’ll gain access to the “Create a Course” feature.

Integrating Zoom for Live Courses

CourseHive’s integration with Zoom allows you to conduct live courses seamlessly. Follow the guide to set up Zoom integration, unlocking the potential for interactive live sessions.

Step 1: Zoom Integration Set Up

  1. In your CourseHive dashboard, click on “Zoom” in the left panel.
  2. You will be prompted to set up Zoom integration.
Zoom Integration 1st Step

Step 2: Zoom App Marketplace

  1. Open a new tab and go to the Zoom App Marketplace Developer Dashboard: Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Log in with your Zoom account.

Step 3: Create Server-to-Server OAuth App

  1. In the Zoom App Marketplace, scroll down to find Server-to-Server. Click on “Create” under the Server-to-Server OAuth app type.
  2. Fill in the App Name field and click on Create. This will take you to the App credentials page.
Zoom Integration 2nd Step

Step 4: Fill in Required Information & Scopes

  1. In the App credentials page, go to Information and set your Company Name and Developer Contact Information.
  2. Go to Scopes and select all the scopes for Meeting, Webinar, Recording, and User.
  3. Go to Activation, and activate your app.
Zoom Integration 3rd Step

Step 5: Obtain App Credentials

  • Once activated, go to App Credentials to obtain the Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret.

Step 6: Add Credentials to CourseHive

  1. Go back to your CourseHive dashboard, navigate to Zoom, and click on “Set API.”
  2. Add the new Server-to-Server OAuth app credentials (Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret).
Zoom Integration App Credentials

Step 7: Test and Verify

  1. Thoroughly test your integration with Zoom using the updated credentials.
  2. Check if the integration functionalities, such as creating meetings, are working as expected.

Your Zoom integration is now set up. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

Creating Your First Course

Dive into the course creation process using CourseHive’s intuitive Course Builder. Define course topics, add lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Optimize your course details, ensuring a captivating and informative course page.

Step 1: Access the Course Builder

  • In your CourseHive dashboard, click on the “Create A New Course” button at the top-right.

Step 2: Course Creation Window

  • A new window will appear, allowing you to create your new course. You can also edit existing courses using this editor.
Course builder set up fundementals

Step 3: Set Up Course Info

  1. In the Course Info section:
    • Enter the course name in the Course Title field.
    • Define a meaningful slug in the Course Slug field for its URL.
    • Add a detailed summary in the Course Description field using rich text formatting.
    • Set the Maximum no. of Students allowed to enroll and the Difficulty Level.
    • Make the course Public or enable the Q&A feature.
    • Define the Category and upload a featured image as the Course Thumbnail.

Step 4: Feature Video

  • Upload a feature video to represent the course. You can choose from various video sources such as External URL, YouTube, or Vimeo.
Course Builder Featured Video

Step 5: Course Builder

  • The Course Builder section is where you design the core structure of the course.
    • Create Course Topics, which are like chapters.
    • Inside each topic, add Lessons, Quizzes, Assignments, and more.

Step 6: Upload Attachments

  • In the Upload Attachments section, upload multiple files (PDFs, audio, or worksheets) to share with students throughout the course.

Step 7: Additional Data

  • In the Additional Data section, provide additional course details:
    • What Will I Learn?
    • Targeted Audience
    • Total Course Duration
    • Materials Included
    • Requirements/Instructions
    • Course Tag

Step 8: Course Prerequisites

  • Define Course Prerequisites to ensure learners have the necessary basics before starting the course.

Step 9: Course Editor Controls

  1. Save the course as a Draft or click on Publish to send it for admin approval.
  2. Preview the course to see the final Course Details Page.
  3. The course builder auto-saves edits every 30 seconds.
  • Course Prerequisites 1 1536x753 1
  • Additional Data 1536x630 1
  • Course Attachment 1536x420 1
  • Course Builder Section

Your course is now ready for review and publishing. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team.

Marketing Your Course

Discover effective strategies for marketing your course on CourseHive. Leverage the platform’s features and explore external channels to reach a broader audience.

Engaging with Students

Build a thriving learning community by actively engaging with your students. Respond to inquiries, encourage discussions, and create a supportive environment for effective learning.

Continuous Improvement

Embrace a mindset of continuous improvement. Monitor your course’s performance, gather feedback, and update content to stay relevant in the dynamic e-learning landscape.

Conclusion: Launching a Profitable Course on CourseHive

Embark on your journey to becoming a successful online instructor with CourseHive. Leverage the platform’s features, engage with your audience, and refine your courses for sustained success.

Remember, the world of online courses is dynamic, offering endless possibilities for those willing to innovate and educate. As you step into the realm of online education, CourseHive provides the tools and support you need to thrive. Join us in shaping the future of e-learning, one course at a time. Happy teaching!

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